Three women share a desk in a busy office, elevated viewThere has been a lot of discussion about how COVID and the “Work from Home” experiment would affect the workplace. Many people seem to agree that COVID would result in the end of the five-day, 40-hour office work week.

Many people also seem to believe that the anthropological shift in work behavior would lead people who have previously benefited from no commute, greater flexibility, and more time with their families to request or demand the right to work from home for a large portion of their time. According to a Pew Research Center survey from December 2020, “54% claim that, if they had a preference, they’d like to operate from home all or most of the time when the coronavirus epidemic is over,” based on a stratified random sample of about 6,000 people. McKinsey analyzed data from a variety of job classifications and found that 20-25% of all employees could WFH three to five days per week, a four to fivefold increase over pre-pandemic levels.

The most common assumption seems to be that people will return to work with three days in the workplace and two days at home. This seems plausible, and it would be difficult to refute before we have more evidence on how people respond when one group of workers chooses to work in the office all (or almost all) of the time, while another group chooses to work from home two or three days a week. Now if these put a question on office need, let us discuss the advantages of shared office space.

The Advantages of Well-Organized Office Spaces

  • Boosts Productivity

On a professional and personal level, having a tidy, organized desk will help you increase your work ethic and productivity. When it comes to completing everyday activities, you’ll feel less tired and anxious, which will improve your efficiency and success at work.

  • Less Workplace Injuries and Accidents

Keeping a clean and organized workplace does not only refer to an individual employee’s personal workspace; it also refers to the whole shared office room. Every employee is responsible for keeping the workplace safe and clean. It’s a team effort, and everybody involved must follow the rules to keep everyone safe and happy during the day.

  • Reduces stress and creates a positive working environment

When people wake up in the morning, they make their beds for a reason. It’s one of the first items on your to-do list each day, and it provides you a logic of pride in knowing that you’ve started your day off right. The same is applicable for the people who keep their offices clean and coordinated.

Having dedicated areas for sensitive papers, properly filing everything, and maintaining a clean workspace will all help to relieve stress and even improve your mood while working. Maintaining an orderly workspace will ease finding items precisely when you need them, as well as allowing you to work with a clear mind.

  • At work, cleanliness improves thinking skills

You can devote all of your creative energies to perform everyday tasks and work on important ventures with your colleagues because you’ll spend less time searching for lost documents or other products. You may also find that you have more flexibility in the work schedule and new ideas to make the company operations better and lower costs. This is a fantastic way to set yourself apart from your peers and impress your boss. You will accelerate your career progression by devoting more effort and time to working hard and achieving the professional goals.

Therefore, as we always hope for the best, we expect this pandemic to wipe out from the world completely and get back to normalcy. On that note, to recover our work culture, we make sure you get the right shared office space. If you are already thinking to reopen your business, see us here at PC Executive Services.