High angle view at multi-ethnic group of young businesswomen wearing masks during meeting in office, copy spaceThe commercial space rental prices in Oklahoma have dropped by 24.2% on average, in comparison with the previous year, according to a study made during the pandemic. The major drive behind this was the decisions of permanent remote work positions by many tech companies.

With remote options becoming more a necessity than a choice, office and meeting space have differed in meaning than that before. Hybridization of work methods is here to stay, definitely, and with that the definition of workspace, work time, and work culture in general.

Combination Offices

Say what you will about the ill effects of COVID-19, it has done one good thing. Breaking through the barrier of cultural and technological barriers that we didn’t even know existed before, this pandemic has redefined work and office spaces. The physical and interpersonal structure of work has changed and now it is a completely new combo of remote and on-site units.

The remote part of this collaboration consists of the knowledge-oriented tasks, involving most kinds of work that can be done from start to end on a simple computer (Mac or PC). The other half of the equation holds the more hands-on approaches like technical work or some management. Even in that case, the system of virtual meeting space comes to save the day.

Changes in Terms

Conspiracy theories are damned, nobody was expecting the pandemic. Business procedures and standards that were thought to be normalized and standard have upended over weeks if not in days, through the pandemic. No longer do the standard tenant agreements bear much value, since most companies renting space cannot be expected to go for 5-10 year tenures anymore.

Unfortunately for landlords, short-term leases mean complexity and increased costs. This is forcing the landlords to create new terms with their tenant companies that will effectively help them pivot from the long-term to short-term commercial deployment factors.

Space Fluctuations

With the newly introduced remote work options seemingly hitherto unbeknownst, office and meeting space in OKC are oscillating rapidly. A company that was 100 people strong yesterday may choose to keep only 25 of them in office from tomorrow, permanently. And so they would not need that big space anymore. Alternatively, a sapling tech venture today may explode into a 1000 strong international business tomorrow.

Landlords are coming to terms with the fact that office space today is not what it meant yesterday, and that will change tomorrow as well. They have to anticipate and accommodate a company’s physical presence and growth or shrinkage rate — or else be at the dissolving side of the equation.

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