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Offices are gradually reopening, and staff are returning to the office, many companies are beginning to rethink their layouts and requirements for physical space, especially since many guidelines recommend that only 25 percent of their capacity will be used in office spaces.

The logical solution is to reduce excess unused office meeting space and have most employees continue as work-from-home (WFH) staff concept but ultimately discovered it feasible.

That is where, in a post-COVID-19 world, this solution of could be savior of the business. Hybrid office solutions are actually positioned to become an incredibly appealing alternative to the traditional footprint of commercial offices.

Hybrid Office Solution

Hybrid office solutions offer dedicated offices and access to meeting spaces outfitted with fast internet and as-needed video conferencing equipment for key personnel such as management and executives.
Hybrid office solutions are a practical and cost-effective option because, while still in contact with offsite/remote (WFH) staff, companies can measure back use and need for real office space. For teams that thrive on cooperation, this model is particularly helpful.

Why are hybrid office solutions now needed?

At this time, hybrid office solutions are needed to safeguard the health of office workers. This design gives staff the freedom, flexibility, and ability to continue to collaborate remotely or with limited physical contact on work-related projects without having to worry about potentially transmitting or spreading the virus.

Hybrid office solutions give you and your staff the peace of mind that you need to conduct business safely and make use of all the resources that you have available. It can be personalized to achieve each company’s needs and maximize the productivity, comfort and employee work ethic.

There are numerous challenges, such as poor internet connections, technology limitations and not so ideal WFH environments that can make the employees join a meeting remotely difficult. This is why it is essential that the hybrid model’s video conferencing-equipped meeting rooms are large enough to accommodate those people who need to be present. It means that the rooms must be able to hold a number of individuals safely in a responsible manner, maintain proper cleaning and sanitization between and before meetings.

What is a Hybrid Office Solution Included?

Hybrid office solutions give management staff with dedicated and support services with video conference-equipped meeting rooms that are typically required to work from the office, enabling them to improve their efficiency and focus. These spaces are only reserved for staff allowed to use them and are regularly thoroughly sanitized to lessen the contamination risk.
Using the on-site meeting spaces and video conferencing equipment on an as-needed basis means that your company does not have to finance the resources in full-time equipment and space, adding to the advantages that make it an attractive choice for hybrid office solutions.
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