You want to have a positive appearance when you start a business. In an area that is well respected it means a proper business address and telephone number.

Many new businesses believe they must break down the bank by leasing fantastic offices in the best part of the city in order to create their corporate image.

However, this must not be the case.

You can get the professional image of your new business without having to rent or buy costly office space with a virtual office. You can easily rest, because a virtual office is able to do all that and more, know you don’t need a receptionist, and buy brand-new office equipment.

You can dig into the laws of establishing a business in the next ten minutes with a virtual office while breaking down the process into simple, easy steps.

Our goal is to ensure that all jargon is as consistent as possible so that you get a clear idea of what it means and why it could be the right route for you and your future company.

Ways to register your business in LLC for virtual address

A virtual address is a physical location which receives e-mails and can serve as your company’s official business address. Without the bloated costs of office space rentals you can have a physical presence in any town.

How do you get my company virtual address?

It’s as easy to use a virtual address to register your LLC:

  • Claim on your virtual address.
  • Choose the correct plan for your requirements
  • On your organizational articles, use your New Virtual Address.

Get your head around LLCs and setup of entities

You probably have heard about LLCs and corporations, but maybe you do not know what they are exactly. We’re not lawyers first and we can’t give counsel. In order for you to best understand your options to protect your personal asset such as savings, home, etc. when setting up your business, we suggest that you speak to the appropriate tax advisor or lawyer.

Business Entity Definition

There are different levels of companies, from sole ownership – not actually a legal entity – to the corporate level. The company you choose will be determined according to the type of business you run and the extent to which you want to keep your company separate from your personal assets.


The legal entity you can be as a company is not so unique, in fact you don’t have to apply or complete any form to start. In fact, you can be so fundamental. Rather, it only comes into play automatically when you start working for yourself and for yourself. A child selling lemonade at a corner is a sole owner; if no legal entity is first created, a service provider working as a one-man show is a sole owner.

Sounds like the easiest way and sounds simple, right?

Unless you have a sole ownership, personal assets are not covered, and you and your business are taken into consideration as one before it comes to paying taxes if you are sued or be unable to pay business debts. Come to PC Executive in OKC if you wish to set up a virtual office.