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Administrative Support

Administrative duties are an important function for every business. They keep a business running smoothly. Whether it is scanning, printing, scheduling appointments, answering calls, typing letters, light accounting, every business has to do some type of admin duties.

When you have a business, administrative duties sometimes take a back seat. That is where they have a tendency to pile up. One day you turn around and your ‘backseat’ is piled up to the roof. When you have an overabundance of paperwork, productivity suffers while you are trying to figure out how to handle these tasks.

Hiring a part-time or full-time Administrative Assistant isn’t always viable.


A Virtual Assistant provides Business Support Services and can help keep your ‘backseat’ clear of those letters to be typed, spreadsheets to be reconciled, receipts organized, paperwork to be scanned – these are just a few things that we can do. There is no limit to the scope of work that a virtual assistant can do.

  • Scheduling
  • Outgoing Mail Prep
  • Address Label Prep
  • Content and Editing
  • Word Processing
  • Database Management
  • Organization and Filing Projects
  • Mail Drop and Sorting
  • Word Processing
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Data Entry
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Internet Research
  • Notary Services
  • Color Printing
  • Scanning
  • Fax Service
  • Shipping Services


PC Executive Services offers Business Services Support at all of its locations. We look at your business as it is our business and we want to help you grow. We pride ourselves on the fact that we treat your customers as if they were ours; with the utmost of care.

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For 28 years, PC Executive Services has provided Oklahoma City and Edmond turn-key Business Office Space, Virtual Offices and Conference Meeting Room Space. Whether your operation is just emerging or well-established, PC Executive Services can provide you with all—inclusive office space or meeting room space at reasonable rates. Start with hourly conference rooms and build to full-time fully furnished office space.  Our professional office staff is here to help your business grow and succeed.

A Meeting Space That Is Above & Beyond Your Expectations

Are you an Oklahoma City Road Warrior? Is your office in your vehicle?

Where do you meet your clients? A coffee shop? A library? A home office?

What kind of impression are you wanting to convey to your prospective clients?

Is meeting in a coffee shop or library the best atmosphere for transmitting that impression? Are they conducive to the type of client that you want to attract? Or are they too laid back and a little too noisy?

If you work from your home, are there too many domestic distractions? There is always a dirty cup or pan to wash and a load of laundry to fold. Will those distractions take precedent over your company work? Should you really be meeting clients or strangers at your home?

Or do you want to convey a professional business atmosphere for Clients to take you seriously? How would your clients feel walking into a upscale office lobby with a polite receptionist to offer them coffee or water?

While a coffee shop or a library is a good launching pad for a business, you can only meet at them so long before you need a more private professional atmosphere.

Working from home doesn’t always work, either. Your home is supposed to be your families safe place. Inviting strangers in to your home, where your children and family live, isn’t the solution…

PC Executive Services has been providing Oklahoma City and surrounding areas with meeting rooms and innovative office space for 28 years.

We pride ourselves in offering the perfect atmosphere in which to meet clients and conduct business? Our 3 state of the art facilities offer 8 conference rooms, 3 at Union Plaza Business Center and Mon Abri Business Center and 2 at Timberbrooke Business Center.

Each center offers a receptionist to greet your guests, fast and secure Internet, flat panel televisions for presentations, white boards, gourmet coffee/tea service. We provide Full-Service Radical Hospitality to make sure your meeting is above and beyond your expectations, including, assistance with catering and administrative services. Tables can be configured to meet the needs of your meeting.

PC Executive Services proudly serves Oklahoma City and Edmond by providing turn-key Business Office Space, Virtual Offices, Coworking and Conference Meeting Room Space. Whether your operation is just emerging or well-established, PC Executive Services can provide you with all-inclusive office space or meeting room space at reasonable rates. Start with hourly conference rooms and build to full-time fully furnished office space. Our professional office staff is here to help your business grow and succeed.

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We Have Built a Cutting-edge Office Experience – Just For You

Edmond is growing and so is PC Executive Services.  Over the past few years, Edmond Proper has grown exponentially. Migrating north toward Logan County, north Edmond has seen a spectacular growth boom.  Areas that, up until recently, were populated with trees or cattle fields are now upscale dining and shopping areas. Large apartment complexes have replaced open fields.

There are now more opportunities for new dining experiences with Signature Grill on Danforth and Covell Park Restaurant on Covell.

North Edmond also boasts the new Mitch Park with a sports complex, nature trails and community building activities for kids and adults.

New grocery stores such as Uptown Grocery on Covell are complete with a bakery, sushi bar and food ready-made to take home.

The City of Edmond also partnered with Hilton Garden Inn and Convention Center to build the newest convention center and hotel on I-35 and Covell.

Needless to say, Edmond is booming with new and exciting opportunities…Including PC Executive Services newest business center.

Located in the heart of this huge growth area on Broadway just south of Covell, you will find our newest location, Mon Abri Business Center.

We couple innovative work-space with radical hospitality to create the perfect office experience for you. We do this by offering a state of the art facility, superior customer service and strategically chosen locations. We offer fully furnished offices at reasonable rates.

With 34 offices, Atrium coworking area, 3 conference rooms and a private day office, you have lots of options at our new location.

The best part, there are no high over-head costs for you and all office management services are provided. All meeting rooms are equipped and furnished. Reception, phone, kitchen with gourmet coffee are included in the rent.

There is no need to hire an office assistant, we offer virtual administrative support. We have also provided a network printer, high-speed scanner and e-fax. You only pay for what you use. This eliminates the issue of having overhead that you do not need. We have created a “plug and play” environment. Just bring your computer and your clients.

For 28 years, PC Executive Services has provided Oklahoma City and Edmond turn-key Business Office Space, Virtual Offices and Conference Meeting Room Space. Whether your operation is just emerging or well-established, PC Executive Services can provide you with all—inclusive office space or meeting room space at reasonable rates. Start with hourly conference rooms and build to full-time fully furnished office space.  Our professional office staff is here to help your business grow and succeed.

Contact us or come by for a tour to learn more about how we can offer you a new office experience.


Coworking vs Business Center







What is Coworking?

Working from home sounds exciting, and technology has made the process so much easier. However, working from home has its own issues.

First of all, there are no protocols in place for dealing with the isolation that comes from this venture. Employees tend to lose the community that a traditional office setting offers.

Secondly, once you are home, the structure that comes with working in an office is no longer in place. Therefore, it’s easier to procrastinate which means productivity lessens. There is a tendency to become distracted by the tasks that need to be done at home. So not only are you isolated and lonely, you begin to put work projects on the back burner.


Coworking solves these issues.

Coworking is not your typical working environment. It is a style of communal office space where the space is shared by more than one business. In a collaborative work space, you have the structure and social aspects of an office, without the rules of a traditional office.

Collaborative spaces like these help foster creativity and build community among employees. Coworkers tend to play off of one another and the community that was lost in the work from home scenario of telecommuting is gained once again. One tenant may have answers to a question that another tenant may have.

A coworking space provides, not only a work environment, but it also provides a platform in which to network. In a coworking space, the person sitting next to you could be in any field of occupation.








They could be an insurance broker, attorney, computer programmer, etc. These could be people that work in the same field as you or in a collaborative field. They could also be your next client.

It is also a lot less expensive than a traditional office. All of the costs associated with this type of space is shared among its members. Instead of paying the hefty sums of rent, you are paying proportionally less. There is no need for purchasing expensive equipment.

Coworking or Business Center?

A coworking environment and a business center environment blend quite well. Each platform needs the same amenities. Where coworking is an open office format, a business center, lends itself to a more private office plan. With a coworking space everything is shared, right down to the same desk. With a Business Center, you have more of a private dedicated office; however, the kitchen, meeting rooms and receptionist is shared with the other businesses located in the office. With every business, at some point there is a need for privacy and that is where the Business Center format comes in to play.

PC Executive Services offers both office formats. In an effort to meet all of our client’s needs, we have blended the coworking and private office environments. We have been working in the shared office industry for almost 3 decades. That is almost 30 years of experience helping businesses just like yours grow and succeed. We even have a patio where you can sit outside, have a cup of coffee and conduct business!

Contact us to learn more about our Coworking space , meeting rooms and virtual office packages in Edmond and Oklahoma City.


Union Plaza Business Center, The Perfect Location For Your Next Office!

Strategically located on Northwest Expressway between Lake Hefner Parkway (OK-74) and Interstate 44 in Northwest Oklahoma City you will find The Union Plaza Office Tower. On the second floor of this centrally located building at 3030 Northwest Expressway you will find a perfect professional office setting known as Union Plaza Business Center.


This location was chosen because of the proximity to interstates, highways and municipalities in Oklahoma City. The offices at Union Plaza Business Center are easily accessible from the major highways that run through Oklahoma City. Will Rogers World Airport is only 20 minutes from this location or you can be in Moore and Downtown Norman is less than 40 minutes. If you have guests coming from Tulsa, Union Plaza Business Center is only an hour and a half drive.

Union Plaza Business Center is surrounded by hotels such as: Hampton Inn, Extended Stay America, Holiday Inn Express, Crown Plaza Hotel and Tower Hotel. Hampton Inn is right next door. Therefore, your out of town guests do not have far to walk for their meetings.


Our friendly, yet, professional receptionist will greet your clients as they enter our polished reception area. Your guests will have the option of a steaming hot cup of gourmet coffee or fruit infused water while waiting to visit with you.

That same professionalism extends into our three meeting rooms for rent. Two, of which, are equipped with large screen televisions to use for your presentations.







If you only need an office for a few hours, we offer two Day Offices at Union Plaza. They are fully furnished and a phone can be provided to make and receive calls.








In addition, Union Plaza Business Center offers a Co-Working space that is, not only convenient, but comfortable, as well. If you need a space to drop in and have a brain-storming session with some other employees, consider our Business Lounge or Co-working area.








If you wish to serve lunch to your guests, our staff can help with catering from the deli located in the basement of Union Plaza or our staff can help arrange catering by one of the many restaurants located nearby.

If you need a Virtual Admin or Administrative Support, our well-trained staff can help with any copies, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. that you may need.

In addition, there is plenty of free above ground parking surrounding the building. Which means there is no need for parking validation nor is there a need to pay for parking unless you want covered parking.


If you are looking for a spacious office, Union Plaza has the perfect office for you! We offer fully furnished offices for rent at reasonable prices. When officing at a PC Executive Services location, there is no need for your company to purchase expensive office equipment. We have done that for you. We provide a state-of-the-art IT Network and Phone System to help your business operate on a day to day basis.


All meeting room equipment and furniture have been provided. We have also provided a network printer, e-fax, kitchen, gourmet coffee, a receptionist and admin staff. You only pay for what you use. This eliminates the issue of having office space and staff wages that you do not need. We have created a “plug and play” environment. All you need to provide is your computer and your clients.

PC Executive Services offers a “Three-In-One-Contract. What this means is that you can sign one contract and office at one location; however, you can have access to meeting space in any of our other two locations – Oklahoma City, West Edmond or North Edmond.

For 28 years, PC Executive Services, Inc. has been providing Oklahoma City and Edmond turn-key Business Office Space, as well as, Virtual Offices and Conference Meeting Room Space. Whether your operation is just emerging or well-established, PC Executive Services can provide you with all—inclusive office space or meeting room space at reasonable rates. Whether you need hourly conference rooms or a full-time fully furnished office space, our professional office staff is here to help your business grow and succeed.

Contact us to learn more about our offices for rent, meeting rooms and virtual office packages in Edmond and Oklahoma City.

3 Reasons To Choose PC Executive Services

When starting a new business, finding the ‘RIGHT’ office space to lease can be a daunting task. You want an office space that speaks volumes about your business. You want your first impression to be the right impression. Having an office in the right location will do that. At PC Executive Services, our main goal is to make your transition to a new office as seamless as possible. To do this, we offer you 3 very important qualities.

1.  Flexibility

Flexibility is very important when opening a new office. We offer you the flexibility to lease as long or as short of a term as you need. We don’t pressure you into signing long term contracts. While we want your business for the long term, we do not feel the need to make you sign a long term contract.up-entry

2.  What you want, when you want it

When signing a traditional office lease, you have to lease the entire space even if you don’t need it. With PC Executive Services, you only lease the areas that you are utilizing…But, you also get use of meeting rooms, break rooms, copy/print/scan rooms, receptionist and administrative support. You can also utilize meeting rooms and day offices for as short or as long as you want.




3.  Professional Atmosphere

Working from home is a short term solution. However, at some point, domestic distractions will get in the way of productivity. Not to mention, it becomes very lonesome sitting at home day in and day out. Also, it is not a good place to bring clients. At PC Executive Services, you have the opportunity to rent meeting rooms by the quarter hour, half hour, hour or daily. Your clients are always greeted by a friendly receptionist, which provides your clients with a feeling of professionalism.


PC Executive Services has over 27 years of experience helping businesses just like yours find just the “right” space. When you are ready, give us a call at 405-848-8246 or complete our contact form and someone will be with you shortly to help you with your office space needs.



A Professional Meeting Room at PC Executive Services Can Make a Difference!

A professional meeting space could be the difference in getting a client and losing one.

Meeting at a coffee shop or library isn’t always the best way to greet clients. While these places may provide you a launching pad, they do not provide a very professional atmosphere in which to meet clients. At times, there is too much noise and not enough privacy.

Working from home may seem exciting and full of possibilities to begin with; however, it may not be the answer. Domestic distractions seem to get in the way oHumorous Dad in Office Trying to Multitask Work and Parentingf work productivity. Inviting clients into your house may not be the right choice, either. Your house should be a sanctuary for your family. By inviting clients into your sanctuary, you are, in a sense, inviting strangers where your family should feel safe. On the flip side of that, while you are comfortable in your living room, your clients may not feel the same level of comfort should they need to conduct business effectively. Therefore, the office at your house may not represent the level of professionalism that you want to portray to your clients.


However, meeting in a professional conference room puts everyone on the same level. Your clients don’t have to feel out of place at your house; and you don’t have to fight over the noise of a coffee shop. You, also, have a level of privacy that is not offered in a library or coffee shop.

PC Executive Services Inc

At PC Executive Services, we try to maintain the highest level of professionalism, while creating a community of clients that feel as though our offices are a great home for their businesses.

PC Executive Conference/Meeting rooms begin at $20.00 per hour. With that, you receive a receptionist to greet your guests, gourmet coffee service and various meeting room configurations to best suit your needs. You will also have the ability to utilize Wi-Fi, printing, scanning and fax capabilities. Each conference room has a white board and the medium and large conference rooms have televisions with projection capabilities. If you need conference call capabilities, that service is available, as well.

Book your meeting room today.

PC Executive Services can help provide Flexible Growth…

PC Executive Services can help provide your company with the flexibility that it needs to grow. The services provided can be as simple as utilizing a prestigious mailing address, offices, or conference rooms.

Fully furnished offices can even be rented by the hour or quarter hour. This feature allows you to still operate out of your home office yet, provides you with a prestigious address in which to conduct business meetings. These services are called Virtual Offices.

  1. Cost:

A Virtual Office at PC Executive Services gives you flexibility and starts at only $69 per month. With a Virtual office you are not paying for the high overhead of leasing a large office space and hiring employees to manage your office. Yet you have access to conference rooms, a receptionist and an administrative assistant. You are not paying expensive utilities; not to mention the high costs associated with an IT network and phone systems. You are only paying for the services that you use. Many of these services are available to you on an ‘a la carte’ basis.

  1. Security & Privacy:

If you like the flexibility of working out of your home, but you don’t want to invite your clients into your home – a virtual office is perfect for your business. You don’t have to worry about bringing a stranger in your house, where you spend time with your family. You can meet them in a professional conference room or daily rented office. It gives you peace of mind that your family isn’t around strangers. Plus, a conference room gives your company a private room in a professional atmosphere in which to meet clients. 

  1. Lease Term:

A virtual office at PC Executive Services is on a month to month agreement. Therefore, you don’t have to sign a lengthy lease contract for an expensive office. There are even ‘Drop-in’ Business Lounges where you can ‘drop-in’ and utilize Wi-Fi services to conduct business any time!

Your office and lease can be customized to fit your company’s growing needs. As your company grows, PC Executive Services can help with more permanent office space, as well. You can build your contract around your business needs and make it as flexible as you need. Everything that your company requires to grow can be offered through PC Executive Services.

Whether it is a prestigious mailing address, business support or a fully furnished office, PC Executive Services is here to help you succeed.

Contact PC Executive Services to see how we can help your company grow!