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A Meeting Space That Is Above & Beyond Your Expectations

Are you an Oklahoma City Road Warrior? Is your office in your vehicle?

Where do you meet your clients? A coffee shop? A library? A home office?

What kind of impression are you wanting to convey to your prospective clients?

Is meeting in a coffee shop or library the best atmosphere for transmitting that impression? Are they conducive to the type of client that you want to attract? Or are they too laid back and a little too noisy?

If you work from your home, are there too many domestic distractions? There is always a dirty cup or pan to wash and a load of laundry to fold. Will those distractions take precedent over your company work? Should you really be meeting clients or strangers at your home?

Or do you want to convey a professional business atmosphere for Clients to take you seriously? How would your clients feel walking into a upscale office lobby with a polite receptionist to offer them coffee or water?

While a coffee shop or a library is a good launching pad for a business, you can only meet at them so long before you need a more private professional atmosphere.

Working from home doesn’t always work, either. Your home is supposed to be your families safe place. Inviting strangers in to your home, where your children and family live, isn’t the solution…

PC Executive Services has been providing Oklahoma City and surrounding areas with meeting rooms and innovative office space for 28 years.

We pride ourselves in offering the perfect atmosphere in which to meet clients and conduct business? Our 3 state of the art facilities offer 8 conference rooms, 3 at Union Plaza Business Center and Mon Abri Business Center and 2 at Timberbrooke Business Center.

Each center offers a receptionist to greet your guests, fast and secure Internet, flat panel televisions for presentations, white boards, gourmet coffee/tea service. We provide Full-Service Radical Hospitality to make sure your meeting is above and beyond your expectations, including, assistance with catering and administrative services. Tables can be configured to meet the needs of your meeting.

PC Executive Services proudly serves Oklahoma City and Edmond by providing turn-key Business Office Space, Virtual Offices, Coworking and Conference Meeting Room Space. Whether your operation is just emerging or well-established, PC Executive Services can provide you with all-inclusive office space or meeting room space at reasonable rates. Start with hourly conference rooms and build to full-time fully furnished office space. Our professional office staff is here to help your business grow and succeed.

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The Convenience of Timberbrooke Business Center in West Edmond

At 929 NW 164th between Santa Fe and Western, nestled back behind the trees, you will find an office oasis called Timberbrooke Business Center. It is a quiet office complex situated between the bustling cities of Edmond and Oklahoma City. With trees to block noise from traffic, all you hear are the birds. You barely realize that you are in an office complex.


Once inside Timberbrooke Business Center, you will find that same peaceful environment. You can be at ease with the knowledge that we have handled everything that you would need to conduct business on a day to day basis. We provide a state-of-the-art IT network and phone system, meeting rooms, kitchen and a receptionist. If you need a fully furnished office, we can provide office furniture. All you need to bring with you is your computer and your clients!


Timberbrooke Business Center is in close proximity to many desirable amenities such as Quail Springs and the restaurants on Memorial Road. It is easily accessible from John Kilpatrick Turnpike and Lake Hefner Parkway (OK-74).PC Executive Services Inc

With our One Contract – Three Locations deal, you can have access to meeting space in Oklahoma City and north Edmond while officing right in the middle at Timberbrooke Business Center, where it’s convenient for you.

PC Executive Services also provides business support services through a shared full-time administrative assistant. With that in mind, you won’t have to go through the expense of having to hire an additional part-time employee or office manager.

As an added bonus, with the shared office environment, there is also the opportunity to pick up a few extra clients through networking with our other clients at our events.

For 28 years, PC Executive Services, Inc. has been providing Oklahoma City and Edmond turn-key Business Office Space as well as Virtual Offices and Conference Meeting Room Space. Whether your operation is just emerging or well established, PC Executive Services can provide you with all-inclusive office space or meeting room space at reasonable rates. Whether you need hourly conference rooms or a full-time fully furnished office space, our professional office staff is here to help your business grow and succeed.

Contact us to learn more about our offices for rent, meeting rooms and virtual office packages in Edmond and Oklahoma City.

A Professional Meeting Room at PC Executive Services Can Make a Difference!

A professional meeting space could be the difference in getting a client and losing one.

Meeting at a coffee shop or library isn’t always the best way to greet clients. While these places may provide you a launching pad, they do not provide a very professional atmosphere in which to meet clients. At times, there is too much noise and not enough privacy.

Working from home may seem exciting and full of possibilities to begin with; however, it may not be the answer. Domestic distractions seem to get in the way oHumorous Dad in Office Trying to Multitask Work and Parentingf work productivity. Inviting clients into your house may not be the right choice, either. Your house should be a sanctuary for your family. By inviting clients into your sanctuary, you are, in a sense, inviting strangers where your family should feel safe. On the flip side of that, while you are comfortable in your living room, your clients may not feel the same level of comfort should they need to conduct business effectively. Therefore, the office at your house may not represent the level of professionalism that you want to portray to your clients.


However, meeting in a professional conference room puts everyone on the same level. Your clients don’t have to feel out of place at your house; and you don’t have to fight over the noise of a coffee shop. You, also, have a level of privacy that is not offered in a library or coffee shop.

PC Executive Services Inc

At PC Executive Services, we try to maintain the highest level of professionalism, while creating a community of clients that feel as though our offices are a great home for their businesses.

PC Executive Conference/Meeting rooms begin at $20.00 per hour. With that, you receive a receptionist to greet your guests, gourmet coffee service and various meeting room configurations to best suit your needs. You will also have the ability to utilize Wi-Fi, printing, scanning and fax capabilities. Each conference room has a white board and the medium and large conference rooms have televisions with projection capabilities. If you need conference call capabilities, that service is available, as well.

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PC Executive Services can help provide Flexible Growth…

PC Executive Services can help provide your company with the flexibility that it needs to grow. The services provided can be as simple as utilizing a prestigious mailing address, offices, or conference rooms.

Fully furnished offices can even be rented by the hour or quarter hour. This feature allows you to still operate out of your home office yet, provides you with a prestigious address in which to conduct business meetings. These services are called Virtual Offices.

  1. Cost:

A Virtual Office at PC Executive Services gives you flexibility and starts at only $69 per month. With a Virtual office you are not paying for the high overhead of leasing a large office space and hiring employees to manage your office. Yet you have access to conference rooms, a receptionist and an administrative assistant. You are not paying expensive utilities; not to mention the high costs associated with an IT network and phone systems. You are only paying for the services that you use. Many of these services are available to you on an ‘a la carte’ basis.

  1. Security & Privacy:

If you like the flexibility of working out of your home, but you don’t want to invite your clients into your home – a virtual office is perfect for your business. You don’t have to worry about bringing a stranger in your house, where you spend time with your family. You can meet them in a professional conference room or daily rented office. It gives you peace of mind that your family isn’t around strangers. Plus, a conference room gives your company a private room in a professional atmosphere in which to meet clients. 

  1. Lease Term:

A virtual office at PC Executive Services is on a month to month agreement. Therefore, you don’t have to sign a lengthy lease contract for an expensive office. There are even ‘Drop-in’ Business Lounges where you can ‘drop-in’ and utilize Wi-Fi services to conduct business any time!

Your office and lease can be customized to fit your company’s growing needs. As your company grows, PC Executive Services can help with more permanent office space, as well. You can build your contract around your business needs and make it as flexible as you need. Everything that your company requires to grow can be offered through PC Executive Services.

Whether it is a prestigious mailing address, business support or a fully furnished office, PC Executive Services is here to help you succeed.

Contact PC Executive Services to see how we can help your company grow!

PC Executive Services can help ‘CYA’ (Cover Your Asset)

Your business is your main asset. PC Executive Services is here to help cover that asset by providing the amenities needed to run a business.

When setting up an office, there are many things going on all at once, and your hands are full juggling all of your business affairs. It is easy to forget certain services that your company will need and it is inevitable that things will fall through the cracks.

With PC Executive Services, we take care of everything from the phone system to the copy paper to the stamps. You only need to bring your computer. We can even provide the desk and chair.

Additionally, an IT Network/Phone system is a costly addition to an office, yet it is a requirement. PC Executive Services has already purchased and installed the most up to date equipment for you.

All of these services are provided in a plug and play environment and configured for your business.

The services that a business owner would need are at your fingertips.

A few other  that are already in place are:

  • Fully Equipped Conference Room / Meeting Space
  • Business Support Services / Administrative Services
  • Kitchen / Breakroom
  • Gourmet Coffee Service
  • Printer/Scanner/Copier/Fax
  • Central Mail Location
  • Overnight Shipping Accounts
  • Mailing Accounts

With PC Executive Services, everything is ready for you.

Contact PC Executive Services today to learn about other ways we can help cover your asset. We have two locations to help better serve your needs, Oklahoma City and Edmond.