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Long before COVID-19 made homework compulsory and the preferred choice for many people, remote videoconferencing was already well prepared to grow rapidly across diverse business sectors. The world is currently in great uncertainty because of the pandemic, but COVID-19 has also shown that people can be incredibly innovative and resourceful when they need it. The technology of videoconferencing is evidence.

Not everybody can work from home strictly. A number of key office staff such as managers may still be required to enter the office each day. This can be a great advantage for advanced videoconferencing technology. It allows senior management to communicate easily with their remote employees, but only if it is correctly executed.

This is a list of our top five tips for your professional and productive video conference meeting space.

Select a Safe and Reliable Video Conference Platform

Either two or two dozen people are at your video meeting, you need a reliable and safe platform to ensure strong connectivity to the network and privacy. End-to-end encryption ensures that your meetings are not even accessible to software providers.

Software providers also offer you the option to encrypt meetings with password-only configurations so that uninvited clients do not attempt to attend your virtual meeting. Plan for a particular date and time for the meeting. Then create a virtual waiting area in which early participants are required to wait for the meeting to begin. This is another effective way to prevent uninvited guests, because it allows you to view all sign up in advance.

Choose an Appropriate Meeting Room

You have to choose a suitable meeting space in your area that offers everything you want for your videoconference if you’re a person who does not have the option to work from home. All necessary components for a successful video conference include access to IT support, network setups and technological equipment. However, especially where you and your team can be productive, you need clean, organized and private space.

Set the Agenda for a Meeting

Setting your agenda in advance keeps your meeting on track, ensures that all participants are always on the same page. It helps maintain order, without which small conversations and other distractions can easily sideline your meeting. It may be difficult to keep control over large meetings, but it virtually presents its own set of unique challenges.

Two challenges you can face are technical difficulties and a lack of focus. Plan the conference in advance and send a memo or e-mail about the topic of the meeting gives people time to prepare and to do the necessary research.

Test your physical condition in order to find the right position

You want your colleagues to see your face and whiteboard presentations during the meeting. Clear any excess items that may obstruct their view in your workspace or videoconference area and ensure that your monitors are set to an angle that everyone can see.

It is best that you do so in advance, so that during the meeting you will not waste any time making changes.

Remove all distractions from the room

It can be difficult to get the participants back on track once they meet. This applies to individuals from home and those in a private executive office participating in the meeting. Try to maintain a straightforward and distraction free background. Remove colorful noisy items which can cause disturbance or serve as a distinctive focus. Try to keep the children in a separate room if you have children and are working from home. It’s best to sit before the blank wall, so that your staff aren’t distracted easily.

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