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Planning, Tenacity, Creativity and Attention to Detail

What do you look for in an office staff? If you said all of the above, you have come to the right place.

At PC Executive Services, our staff embodies all four of these traits and many more that will benefit your company.

As mentioned in previous posts, PC Executive Services will be opening the newest location, Mon Abri, in North Edmond. One of the team building exercises for our owner and staff was to create an 18-foot wall sculpture in the reception room at Mon Abri.


We cut and stained over 200 blocks of wood.

10-02042017_105323 wood blocks crop



We outlined the design on the wall with “sticky notes,”


and then replaced them one by one with a block of wood to create the finished product.




While attaching the blocks of wood, we made sure that each piece was distinct from the ones surrounding it, so that the wall art would be a conversation piece and would be visually appealing from every angle.




The finished product is definitely a conversation piece! Many people have seen many different things in the finished product. What do you see?

What do you see?


We see our ability to plan, our tenacity, our creativity, and our attention to detail. If those are qualities that would benefit your company, come talk to us about leasing an office at one of our 3 locations in Oklahoma City and Edmond!

Visit our web site at or call us at 405-848-8246.

3 Reasons Why Location Is Important When Looking For Your Office


Union Plaza Business Center – Oklahoma City


When looking for an office, there are many things to take into consideration. We have all heard the adage ‘Location, Location, Location; but why is location important when opening a new business? Location is important for many different reasons, however, we have listed three very important reasons below:

Where are my clients and employees located?

First of all, you want your business near, not just your clients, but your employees, as well. Your office should be close or near your intended client base so that they don’t have to drive long distances to meet with you. Your employees will be much happier if they do not have a long commute and that comes across in their interactions with your clients.

Your clients will continue to come to your office if they do not have to go out of their way to find you and your office has easy access. PC Executive Services makes this easy for you by having three locations; Union Plaza Business Center in Oklahoma City, Timberbrooke Business Center in South Edmond and our newest location, Mon Abri Business Center, set to open in March 2017.

How easy is the location to find and access?

PC Executive Services put much thought into our locations. We have tried to make sure each of our locations are near or close to a major roadway so that your clients will not have an issue locating your office and to help with client retention. There is also ample parking at each of our three locations.



Timberbrooke Business Center – South Edmond

What amenities are nearby?

Amenities are important for many reasons. Having restaurants nearby gives you the option of taking your clients to lunch if need be. They are also crucial to your employees, giving them a few minutes out of the office to refresh and refuel for the afternoon. Each of PC Executive Services business centers have restaurants within a few minutes’ drive. For out of town guests, hotels can be an added amenity, as well. Union Plaza has a hotel right next door, where your clients will not have to drive. There are also no less than five hotels within a short driving distance. Mon Abri will have a brand new hotel only a mile away.

PC Executive Services has done the leg work for you. Give us a call to schedule a viewing at one of our locations or complete our contact form and someone will be with you shortly.



“COMING SOON”   Mon Abri Business Center – North Edmond




3 Reasons To Choose PC Executive Services

When starting a new business, finding the ‘RIGHT’ office space to lease can be a daunting task. You want an office space that speaks volumes about your business. You want your first impression to be the right impression. Having an office in the right location will do that. At PC Executive Services, our main goal is to make your transition to a new office as seamless as possible. To do this, we offer you 3 very important qualities.

1.  Flexibility

Flexibility is very important when opening a new office. We offer you the flexibility to lease as long or as short of a term as you need. We don’t pressure you into signing long term contracts. While we want your business for the long term, we do not feel the need to make you sign a long term contract.up-entry

2.  What you want, when you want it

When signing a traditional office lease, you have to lease the entire space even if you don’t need it. With PC Executive Services, you only lease the areas that you are utilizing…But, you also get use of meeting rooms, break rooms, copy/print/scan rooms, receptionist and administrative support. You can also utilize meeting rooms and day offices for as short or as long as you want.




3.  Professional Atmosphere

Working from home is a short term solution. However, at some point, domestic distractions will get in the way of productivity. Not to mention, it becomes very lonesome sitting at home day in and day out. Also, it is not a good place to bring clients. At PC Executive Services, you have the opportunity to rent meeting rooms by the quarter hour, half hour, hour or daily. Your clients are always greeted by a friendly receptionist, which provides your clients with a feeling of professionalism.


PC Executive Services has over 27 years of experience helping businesses just like yours find just the “right” space. When you are ready, give us a call at 405-848-8246 or complete our contact form and someone will be with you shortly to help you with your office space needs.



A Professional Meeting Room at PC Executive Services Can Make a Difference!

A professional meeting space could be the difference in getting a client and losing one.

Meeting at a coffee shop or library isn’t always the best way to greet clients. While these places may provide you a launching pad, they do not provide a very professional atmosphere in which to meet clients. At times, there is too much noise and not enough privacy.

Working from home may seem exciting and full of possibilities to begin with; however, it may not be the answer. Domestic distractions seem to get in the way oHumorous Dad in Office Trying to Multitask Work and Parentingf work productivity. Inviting clients into your house may not be the right choice, either. Your house should be a sanctuary for your family. By inviting clients into your sanctuary, you are, in a sense, inviting strangers where your family should feel safe. On the flip side of that, while you are comfortable in your living room, your clients may not feel the same level of comfort should they need to conduct business effectively. Therefore, the office at your house may not represent the level of professionalism that you want to portray to your clients.


However, meeting in a professional conference room puts everyone on the same level. Your clients don’t have to feel out of place at your house; and you don’t have to fight over the noise of a coffee shop. You, also, have a level of privacy that is not offered in a library or coffee shop.

PC Executive Services Inc

At PC Executive Services, we try to maintain the highest level of professionalism, while creating a community of clients that feel as though our offices are a great home for their businesses.

PC Executive Conference/Meeting rooms begin at $20.00 per hour. With that, you receive a receptionist to greet your guests, gourmet coffee service and various meeting room configurations to best suit your needs. You will also have the ability to utilize Wi-Fi, printing, scanning and fax capabilities. Each conference room has a white board and the medium and large conference rooms have televisions with projection capabilities. If you need conference call capabilities, that service is available, as well.

Book your meeting room today.

PC Executive Services can help provide Flexible Growth…

PC Executive Services can help provide your company with the flexibility that it needs to grow. The services provided can be as simple as utilizing a prestigious mailing address, offices, or conference rooms.

Fully furnished offices can even be rented by the hour or quarter hour. This feature allows you to still operate out of your home office yet, provides you with a prestigious address in which to conduct business meetings. These services are called Virtual Offices.

  1. Cost:

A Virtual Office at PC Executive Services gives you flexibility and starts at only $69 per month. With a Virtual office you are not paying for the high overhead of leasing a large office space and hiring employees to manage your office. Yet you have access to conference rooms, a receptionist and an administrative assistant. You are not paying expensive utilities; not to mention the high costs associated with an IT network and phone systems. You are only paying for the services that you use. Many of these services are available to you on an ‘a la carte’ basis.

  1. Security & Privacy:

If you like the flexibility of working out of your home, but you don’t want to invite your clients into your home – a virtual office is perfect for your business. You don’t have to worry about bringing a stranger in your house, where you spend time with your family. You can meet them in a professional conference room or daily rented office. It gives you peace of mind that your family isn’t around strangers. Plus, a conference room gives your company a private room in a professional atmosphere in which to meet clients. 

  1. Lease Term:

A virtual office at PC Executive Services is on a month to month agreement. Therefore, you don’t have to sign a lengthy lease contract for an expensive office. There are even ‘Drop-in’ Business Lounges where you can ‘drop-in’ and utilize Wi-Fi services to conduct business any time!

Your office and lease can be customized to fit your company’s growing needs. As your company grows, PC Executive Services can help with more permanent office space, as well. You can build your contract around your business needs and make it as flexible as you need. Everything that your company requires to grow can be offered through PC Executive Services.

Whether it is a prestigious mailing address, business support or a fully furnished office, PC Executive Services is here to help you succeed.

Contact PC Executive Services to see how we can help your company grow!

PC Executive Services can help ‘CYA’ (Cover Your Asset)

Your business is your main asset. PC Executive Services is here to help cover that asset by providing the amenities needed to run a business.

When setting up an office, there are many things going on all at once, and your hands are full juggling all of your business affairs. It is easy to forget certain services that your company will need and it is inevitable that things will fall through the cracks.

With PC Executive Services, we take care of everything from the phone system to the copy paper to the stamps. You only need to bring your computer. We can even provide the desk and chair.

Additionally, an IT Network/Phone system is a costly addition to an office, yet it is a requirement. PC Executive Services has already purchased and installed the most up to date equipment for you.

All of these services are provided in a plug and play environment and configured for your business.

The services that a business owner would need are at your fingertips.

A few other  that are already in place are:

  • Fully Equipped Conference Room / Meeting Space
  • Business Support Services / Administrative Services
  • Kitchen / Breakroom
  • Gourmet Coffee Service
  • Printer/Scanner/Copier/Fax
  • Central Mail Location
  • Overnight Shipping Accounts
  • Mailing Accounts

With PC Executive Services, everything is ready for you.

Contact PC Executive Services today to learn about other ways we can help cover your asset. We have two locations to help better serve your needs, Oklahoma City and Edmond.

An Executive Office Space gives you more of what you want for less

PC Executive Services provides your business with an “A La Carte” menu of support services. Pick and choose the services that you want and customize your business environment, save time and money.

If you have a need for administrative services, but do not need a full time administrative assistant, PC Executive Services is your solution.

The following are a sampling of the Business Support Services that we offer:

  • Word Processing
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Data Entry
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Internet Research
  • Notary Services
  • Color Printing
  • Scanning
  • Fax Service
  • Wi-Fi
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Incoming/outgoing mail
  • Shipping Services

As an added feature, PC Executive Services already has the business infrastructure in place. All of the equipment and services that are needed to run an office on a daily basis are waiting for you, without the hassle of having to invest valuable time and upfront costs to purchase them.

All you need to bring with you is your computer and your clients.

With over 25 years of experience in providing conventional Business Office Space, as well as, Virtual Offices and Conference Meeting Rooms, PC Executive Services is uniquely qualified to give you the most professional atmosphere and the widest range of Office Work Space, Virtual Offices, Meeting Rooms and Business Support Services available to help your business thrive.

We have two locations in Oklahoma City and Edmond, OK. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

An Executive Office Suite Can Help Launch Your Business to the Next Level

A professional work environment is important for a company to be successful and grow.

Meeting at a fast food restaurant or a coffeehouse may serve as a launching pad in the beginning stages of a business; however, if you want to take your company to the next level, a professional business environment is vital.

This may seem a daunting task, to begin with; but it doesn’t have to be so intimidating.

An Executive Suite could be the key to launching your business into the next level, without needless headache.

  • We have already thought of everything that you would need to set up a professional office. All of the equipment that you need is waiting for you when you step in to your new office.
  • We even offer fully furnished offices, conference rooms, and business lounges.
  • We provide a ‘Plug & Play’ environment. All that you need to bring is your computer and your clients.

As your company grows, we are here to help you grow, as well.

AND we even provide the gourmet coffee service.

With over 25 years of experience in providing conventional Business Office Space, as well as, Virtual Offices and Conference Meeting Rooms, PC Executive Services is uniquely qualified to give you the most professional atmosphere and the widest range of Office Work Space, Virtual Offices, Meeting Rooms and support services available to help your business thrive.

We have two locations in Oklahoma City and Edmond, OK. Contact us today to see how we can help you grow.

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