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While deciding on the office space for rent there are multiple considerations such as lease terms, location and more. One of the most vital and essential matter is getting the right measurement of the office space. You should know the right square feet of the space. If you do not consider the office space regarding the factors such as ambiance or the amenities provided, the square feet measure may appeal you to choose it as your office space.

Know square feet

You may get perplexed to understand this non-metric measurement unit. This was initially used in U.S. Going by the definition this is a square with 12 inches or one foot each side. A square foot or feet is abbreviated as “sq. ft.”if you are someone looking for a rented home, buying an apartment or renting an office space, you must be well-acquainted with this term. Indeed, this is a useful skill having the knowledge of square feet measurement when you are dealing with real estate business.

Why should you measure office space?

When you are moving to a new office space, you would be preoccupied with many other things for obvious reasons. This might not be possible for you to carry measurement tape and note all the dimensions. But you must make sure the measurements are right to run the office swiftly.
It will help in correct desk organization, set up the coffee corner, the reception desks. You need to also know how many desks you can accommodate in the space or if you can set a sofa in the office. Without knowing the right measurement, it will be tough to calculate the correct furniture accommodation in the office.

The calculation

Get a measurement tape and a notepad and ask someone for assistance. Ask your assistance to check and inspect the space, to measure the size along with the floor space. You can alone make the measurement of the office space for rent but it would be easier if you have someone to hold the other end of the measurement tape.

Do not fall in the traps of a shortcut. When you are measuring the area do not forget to take a note and write down all the results. While determining the office interiors, you will need the measurements. Make a note of everything including wall space, interrupting doorway, radiator and more.

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