Determining Office Space Needed for Per Employee

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At least one of the lesser known stresses of running a business is providing great workplace environments to your employees.

Whether your business needs to move into new office space or not, here are some important things to think about when making a decision on where to locate your brand. Searching for commercial property that is within your budget is a very different challenge from creating a business-appropriate layout that meets the company’s needs. You need to look for appropriate office space for lease.

Generally, when beginning a new office search, the first priority is determining how much square foot will be required to accommodate your staff, followed by choosing your style, color, and atmosphere.

To make this determination, how do you go about it? There is an excellent method to work out this calculation: divide the number of square feet of office space necessary for every employee by the total number of employees.

Hurdles While Deciding Office Space Per Person

It is a hard pill to swallow, but researchers estimate that there is about one square foot of office space needed for every eight-thousand-footprint in the world.

When deciding on the amount of office space needed for your company, all you have to do is estimate how many workstations each person will occupy. You can estimate how much floor space each person is using his or her cubicle’s footprint.

When it comes to companies, the easier thing is trying to determine the number of square feet each person requires. You may be able to estimate how much space each worker is taking up if there are no partitions between the desks. Finding out the right office space for lease should be dependent on this formula.

Considering Areas into Account

Regardless of whether your working environment is open plan or has cubicles, you’ll have to consider common areas. Just as obviously, employees don’t stay in their spaces, and therefore the square footage per person calculation should include corridors, restrooms, conference rooms, break areas, and the kitchen, as well.

Conference rooms are a common office space found in most workplaces. How many conference rooms do you need? Does your company often hold meetings? Is it just the heads of the group, or do many people get together at gatherings too? It’s quite possible that employees will be in conference or meeting rooms, which should affect space used per person calculations.

Determining the number of square feet needed for each worker

You are now starting to see, this is not as simple as you might expect. Since knowing how much space is needed per employee is not necessarily intuitive, you may find it helpful to use a reference point of reference, like statistics. In the same year, Core Global Footprint data showed the North American workforce being 56.6 square feet per person, and in 2010 it was 148. Working with the data from Statistics, it is reported that in 2017, the global office space allocation was approximately 12.8 m² (138 sq. ft. ft. per person.)

We are in the midst of COVID-19, where standards have shifted to take into account societal needs and workplace safety. As fewer firms use their maximum capacities to accommodate health concerns, the average square footage per employee is increasing. Consider a lot of things when deciding on adequate social distance for creative work.

At the end of the day, in many modern offices, but not all, employees rarely use a desk, instead preferring to work from lounges and other workspaces that are located throughout the office. Managers might find it difficult to calculate how much office space each individual occupant uses in an unconventional arrangement like this.

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