What do you look for in an office staff? If you said all of the above, you have come to the right place.

At PC Executive Services, our staff embodies all four of these traits and many more that will benefit your company.

As mentioned in previous posts, PC Executive Services will be opening the newest location, Mon Abri, in North Edmond. One of the team building exercises for our owner and staff was to create an 18-foot wall sculpture in the reception room at Mon Abri.


We cut and stained over 200 blocks of wood.


We outlined the design on the wall with “sticky notes,” and then replaced them one by one with a block of wood to create the finished product.


While attaching the blocks of wood, we made sure that each piece was distinct from the ones surrounding it, so that the wall art would be a conversation piece and would be visually appealing from every angle.


The finished product is definitely a conversation piece! Many people have seen many different things in the finished product. What do you see?

We see our ability to plan, our tenacity, our creativity, and our attention to detail. If those are qualities that would benefit your company, come talk to us about leasing an office at one of our 3 locations in Oklahoma City and Edmond!

Visit our web site at www.pcexecutiveservices.com or call us at 405-848-8246.

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