Your business is your main asset. PC Executive Services is here to help cover that asset by providing the amenities needed to run a business.

When setting up an office, there are many things going on all at once, and your hands are full juggling all of your business affairs. It is easy to forget certain services that your company will need and it is inevitable that things will fall through the cracks.

With PC Executive Services, we take care of everything from the phone system to the copy paper to the stamps. You only need to bring your computer. We can even provide the desk and chair.

Additionally, an IT Network/Phone system is a costly addition to an office, yet it is a requirement. PC Executive Services has already purchased and installed the most up to date equipment for you.

All of these services are provided in a plug and play environment and configured for your business.

The services that a business owner would need are at your fingertips.

A few other  that are already in place are:

  • Fully Equipped Conference Room / Meeting Space
  • Business Support Services / Administrative Services
  • Kitchen / Breakroom
  • Gourmet Coffee Service
  • Printer/Scanner/Copier/Fax
  • Central Mail Location
  • Overnight Shipping Accounts
  • Mailing Accounts

With PC Executive Services, everything is ready for you.

Contact PC Executive Services today to learn about other ways we can help cover your asset. We have two locations to help better serve your needs, Oklahoma City and Edmond.

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