Mon Abri in Edmond OK

As PC Executive Services approaches our official 30th anniversary this week, we sat down with Beth, the owner and operator of Mon Abri Business Center, to learn more about her latest business center creation.

Why did you want to build the Mon Abri Business Center?

Since I grew up in Edmond, and because of the rapid growth in the area, Edmond was a logical choice for my business growth. When I began looking for office space to lease, I was told that, “if I wanted that much space, I’d have to build a building.”  So I did!

What amenities did you want to make sure were included in the floor plan?  What worked, and what was cut?

Space plans for flexible workspace are constantly changing.  We centralized the meeting space in this location, which elevates the level of service for all those using the conference rooms.  We also used long, narrow hallways, which virtually eliminates the less popular interior space and generates all exterior spaces.  We increased the amount of “common area” square footage and used higher ceilings to create light and the feeling of more space.

What was the deciding factor on choosing the current location?

Covell and Kelly is Edmond’s City Center. I like to be in up-and-coming areas with plenty of restaurants, retail and hotels.  The Hilton Garden Inn was just beginning its construction when we began ours.  The deciding factor was probably my builder, Ron Walters Construction, who had done a few projects for me in the past and I had a high level of confidence in.  They owned the land and brought the project to me.

Who was instrumental in helping make Mon Abri a reality?

I began looking for an Edmond location four years before we opened at Mon Abri, so it was a long process.  Many people were instrumental in the process including my banker(s) at Intrust Bank, Ron Walters Construction, the City of Edmond and my family.

How do you hope Mon Abri can positively impact north Edmond and the surrounding community?

Mon Abri brings upscale, flexible office space to Edmond residents who would like to live and work in Edmond instead of embarking on a long commute. This allows those residents to utilize restaurants and services in Edmond instead of transferring those dollars to other cities in the metro.  For those tenants who want to meet clients in Oklahoma City on occasion, an office at Mon Abri offers that convenience.  We provide the latest technology, fully equipped meeting spaces, networking events, and a friendly staff who puts clients’ needs first.

Who built the Mon Abri Business Center?  What details were added to make Mon Abri catered to its clients?

Ron Walters Construction employs an architect who did the space plan with me.  During the construction phase (June 2016-February 2017), I walked through the building 2-3 times per week and worked with the superintendent on any questions they had.  The builder also provided interior design services. We used 10 colors throughout the building which are meant to be neutral but energize, create warmth or allow for thought and concentration.  I sourced all the furniture, decorative items and wall hangings.

What is your favorite room at Mon Abri, and why?

I have lots of favorite rooms at Mon Abri, all for different reasons. Our small conference room is energetic and bright.  The medium conference room provides light and calming colors.  The large conference room is a little darker and allows groups to see presentations for training or group strategy sessions.  I like the atrium, because of the skylights.  The sculpture in the reception room turned out well.  I’m very proud of it too.

How did you decide on the modern décor? Was there an outside inspiration?

I like a modern, contemporary look. I also prefer a décor which is upscale but comfortable.  I also wanted to take advantage of all the natural light at Mon Abri.

(To learn more about the Mon Abri Wall, click here.)

What makes Mon Abri different from other business centers?

All of our centers are similar but not the same.  Mon Abri features a slightly different space plan and color scheme, but the same great welcoming feeling.

Now that’s it built, what are the ways it’s maintained?

We have janitorial service five times per week, mowing and landscape services, and a handyman on contract basis for repairs and maintenance.  Our receptionists maintain the reception area and make sure the kitchen is clean and welcoming for guests who would like tea or coffee.

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