The Mon Abri Wall
The wall sculpture at Mon Abri Business Center has a unique story.  As the interior was being built, Beth realized that the 21-foot tall wall in the reception lobby had a lot of potential. After searching for ideas, the PC Executive Services team came across photos of a unique piece of art that became the inspiration for what is now the wall sculpture in Mon Abri Business Center.

In the inspiration photos, antique letterpress blocks had been attached to a roughly 14-foot wall.  The sculpture was more than just shapes on a wall. It was comprised of blocks ranging in color and size that culminated into a beautiful abstract work of art. The inspiration not only allowed height, it also matched the monochromatic wooden design of the rest of Mon Abri Business Center.

Since the wall at Mon Abri Business Center was about 40% taller than the wall in the photos, the team had to decide the number of blocks and the configuration needed to extend the wave all the way up the 21-foot wall.

To begin, they cut and stained four sizes of two types of wood. With five different shades of wood stain, it took three people almost two weeks to create the blocks. In the end, over 225 blocks were created to make the abstract pattern.

While Beth overlooked the lobby from the second floor, Andrea marked the pattern with sticky notes to mimic the size and color of the wooden blocks. As soon as the pattern was complete, each sticky note was replaced with a carefully chosen block which was then glued to the wall.

While attaching the blocks of wood, they made sure that each piece was distinct from the ones surrounding it. That way the wall sculpture would be a conversation piece and would be visually appealing from every angle.

This process took about twelve hours to complete, all of which was done during the evenings and weekends to ensure all clients of PC Executive Services didn’t experience any interruptions while the team made their vision a reality.

Andrea was a trooper for staying on the 16 foot scaffolding for so long!

The finished product is a conversation piece, to say the least! Many people see different things in the finished product. As guests and clients walk in, they have offered ideas of what it looks like including a flock of birds, a tornado, and a whale. What do you see?

 Stop by Mon Abri Business Center to see the wall sculpture and to learn more about PC Executive Services.

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