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A physical address for your home-based Oklahoma business can help take your company to the next level.

You need a physical address to build a professional brand. You also need it to stay compliant with Oklahoma’s requirement to register your business with a physical, permanent address. 

But PO boxes don’t provide a physical address, using your home address brings up security and privacy issues, and you’re not ready to rent an office or purchase commercial property.

So what do you do?

Introducing PC Executive Services Physical Address Service

PC Executive Services can help you create a virtual office with a physical location and customized suite number. 

Our level of expertise and service is unparalleled in Oklahoma, and we have locations in Oklahoma City and Edmond to serve you. 

Getting started is easy. In three steps you’ll be up and running with your new physical address for your business.

Step One: Choose a Location

Which PC Executive Services location will best serve your business? 

If your home or client base is in north Edmond, put Mon Abri Business Center at the top of your list.  

If you need a downtown Oklahoma City location, the Union Plaza Business Center on Northwest Expressway is a perfect choice. 

If you’d like to stop by the business center, Timberbrooke Business Center off of 15th and Western in Edmond is a great local option.

Some PC Executive Services members choose a location based on aesthetics, while others need specific amenities and services, such as mail forwarding to have mail sent directly to your home or PO box.


Step Two: Choose a Service Package

PC Executive Services offers a variety of services to suit your small business needs.

Our mailing address membership for virtual offices comes with free and automatic mail and package delivery notifications. When you receive packages, correspondence, or confidential documentation, we’ll send you a quick email or text to notify you.  

We can then hold mail while you work remotely. If needed, we can create a mail forwarding system to help you access the information you need immediately.

We also keep a very detailed CMRA and USPS data network for each business center, so you know your address will be properly documented if any auditing occurs.

Step Three: Work with Us

At each business center, we have conference rooms, meeting spaces and day offices set up like a permanent office. These enable you to meet clients at your business address location. 

Meeting hours can be purchased a la carte or you can prepay for hours at a discount if you’ll have regular client meetings.

Take Your Oklahoma Small Business to the Next Level

If it’s time to take your business to the next level with virtual mail, a physical address, conference rooms or an office to meet clients, contact the PC Executive Services team. 

Call our main office at 405-848-8246 to learn more about getting a physical address for your Oklahoma business. We’ll answer all your questions and help you find the right membership and location for you. 

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