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Do you need more organization in your business? We can help!!

The Virtual Assistants at PC Executive Services are trained in applications including Excel. We can help you in your efforts to organize your personal and business information by creating a spreadsheet that will help you become more organized.

Excel is an easy way of keeping track of personal and business information. They can accommodate everything from phone and address lists to Profit and Loss Spreadsheets. Excel makes accounting easier because it can calculate many different rows and columns for you and even link spreadsheets.

Excel takes away the need for an adding machine and the incorrect calculations that come along with that. Spreadsheets give you the ability to check and double-check your numbers and calculations. It also helps reduce the number of accounting errors. You can link spreadsheets to other spreadsheets, which removes the need to repeat the same work over and over on multiple spreadsheets.Spreadsheets can be used for data entry and storage. Excel can store a lot of data. Their limits are basically only limited to your computer’s limitations. The best thing is that the spreadsheets be customized to your business needs.

Excel can help provide you with a plethora of data and can help keep track of trends in your business. It can link data from different spreadsheets so that everything is in one spot.

The best part about using a Virtual Administrative Assistant through PC Executive Services is that you have access to a full-time staff person, without having them on your payroll. You only pay by the job, that makes it more cost effective for your profit margins.

Other help that we can provide for your business:

Database Management

Organization and Filing Projects

Mail Drop and Sorting

Excel Spreadsheets

Data Entry

PowerPoint Presentations

Internet Research

Notary Services

Color Printing


Fax Service

Schedule Appointments

Outgoing Mail Prep

Address Label Prep

Shipping Services

Content and Editing

Word Processing


For 28 years, PC Executive Services has provided Oklahoma City and Edmond turn-key Business Office Space, Virtual Offices and Conference Meeting Room Space. Whether your operation is just emerging or well-established, PC Executive Services can provide you with all—inclusive office space or meeting room space at reasonable rates. Start with hourly conference rooms and build to full-time fully furnished office space.  Our professional office staff is here to help your business grow and succeed.

Contact us today to see how our virtual assistant services can help your business grow and become more streamlined!